Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Talkie Tuesdays: Bikini Beach

The outfit to the left...I need it.

There were less bathing suits in this because the additional subplot led them to a drag racing setting, as opposed to the prequel, Beach Party, which was almost entirely on a beach.

Trivia notes that people visiting the set were unaware that this character was played by the same actor, Frankie Avalon, who also played the main character. Apparently, they were fooled by his heavy accent and makeup. Well, those people should be shot because his accent was awfully far from a British accent and he still looked like himself, just with a wig, fake mustache, and a fake gap tooth. Oh, and the lady in the background? She didn't wear pants the ENTIRE FILM.

Props to this lady for making an otherwise frumpy outfit look not so frumpy.

A fake ape, fake surfing. This makes a lot of sense.

Again, there weren't many opportunities for bikini/bathing suit inspiration but I did quite like that yellow skirted bikini.

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