Monday, February 27, 2012

Kiss Nail Dress

Note the second nail from the top. That is what happened when I tried to file off the excess, as per the recommendation.
My dog didn't show much of a preference. I just thought you might know...
 As part of the complimentary Influenster VoxBox program, I received these relatively non-skanky nail stickers to try. Right away, I counted the number of nail stickers, which came stuck to three sheets. One sheet has six large (presumably thumb-sized) stickers and instantly I thought "Whoa, whose thumbs are these meant for?" However, I wanted to give this thumb-sheet the benefit of the doubt and so I placed the smallest thumb sticker on my thumb and confirmed that, yes it was too large. At this point, I was able to narrow down my options to 22 stickers. The biggest stickers on the small sheet did not fit my thumbs either, but the next one down did, which left 14 stickers for the rest of my eight fingers. Eventually, I found one to (mostly) fit each finger. The results were mixed. The instructions say to file off the excess but that turned out to be the worst possible idea. The few nails I did that with came out jagged and chipped. Then, I tried scissors--better, but not perfect. The final idea was the best; use a scissor to trim off the bulk and a nail clipper to get the rest. I wish this hadn't taken me so long to realize; half my nails look pretty and the rest...not so much. The recommendations I would give this brand would be to 1. Make smaller sizes (I think I must have received the drag queen size) 2. Correct the instructions. and 3. Throw in two nail polish remover wipes and ditch the nail file.

All in all, I would recommend this to people who find press-on nails painful and skanky, but don't want to create nail art themselves with teeny tiny brushes. Also, to drag queens and female basketball players. They have large fingernails, right?

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