Friday, February 24, 2012

Fashion Fridays: Another Day in the Office

These are my new work uniforms.

$25.07 at ASOS
This one is my least favorite of the three. The color is not accurate in the picture; it is more of a watermelon on acid color. Also, the straps, though substantial, are way too stretchy to lend any support. There is too much extra fabric created from the shirring and it makes the suit look baggy.

$33 at Walmart
And this one is my favorite of the three. The thick, supportive straps can not be detached. The support for the bust and waist is wonderful. The only real issue with this suit is that the shirring does not continue to the back of the suit and so it is rather plain from the back. This isn't a problem with this color and pattern but it may be a problem in the other varieties.

Jantzen, no longer in production (I paid about $60)
This suit is decent. It has nice control and a skirted (but not shirred) back. The strap is thin, not fully adjustable, and detachable. Also, the torso is not as long as I would like. This would make for poor bust support and a risky choice for working with children/infants, if it weren't for the snug design of the suit.

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