Friday, December 16, 2011

Fashion Fridays: A Magazine for the Rest of Us!

Later this year, the world of print publications will be introducing the World's first magazine catered to the petite population. Keep in mind, petite is not about weight--it is about height. Petite is a standard clothing size, as well as a word to describe ANY WOMAN 5'3" OR UNDER. The average height of women in the United States is 5'4" and so about half of us are petite. It is incredible how this large amount of people can be so grossly underrepresented. Designers don't design for us. Magazines don't write for us. Having to pay extra money to cut off excess fabric so that trousers do not drag is the norm for us. When designers do decide to offer petite sizes, we're lucky if they do anything besides chop off a few inches, say, raise the armholes or shorten the rise.
The magazine is set to premier sometime in 2012. They have a preview on their website and I am not sure as of right now if the magazine will be digital or print. The articles contain less marketing and more honesty than some others I've read. My only hope for this magazine is that their budget is set higher, because right now, some of the clothing in the shoots were...questionable.

P.S. The magazine is for women 5'5" and under because the world average height is different than the US average height.

Join to get your preview issue. It is free so there isn't anything to lose, besides tolerance for underrepresentation. And please, pass this on! It would be nice if this magazine could join the ranks of Vogue, Lucky, etc.

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