Monday, December 19, 2011

Makeup Mondays: imPRESS Press-on Manicure

I received these press-on nails as part of the complimentary VoxBox program to review and recommend (or not). I have to say right now, I heavily disliked these nails. Keep in mind, this review is from the view of someone who has never worn fake nails before. First of all, I did not follow the part of the directions that said "Lay out 10 nails in finger order." To me, the point of a press-on manicure would be to save time and having to pick out and lay out 10 nails out of 24 that look relatively similar does not really save time. Also, it was not made clear that the patterns should match on the opposing fingers. I wound up prying off ill-fitting or mismatching nails off with my teeth--not one of my best moments. I bit after application, I went over to a friends' to chill. There, I discovered doing everyday things became difficult; I had to ask for help to zip up my jacket and holding multiple things was out of the question.
I am a person who has issues sleeping with "extras." For example, I can't sleep wearing bracelets, rings, socks, hair ties, lip balm, etc. I was worried that these nails would be a hindrance but I was pleasantly surprised that I fell asleep at my normal speed. However, when I woke up my nail beds were throbbing. Ow. Ow. Ow. In a rush to free my fingers of these shackles, I gnawed off all but the least painful--the pinky nail. I left this on because for the name of science (or marketing?) I wanted to see how long the nail would last. The staying power was impressive; it lasted 5 days until I had to remove it because it would have looked stupid to have one fake nail at Christmas dinner.
1. If you have wide, long nails and just sit around all day doing nothing, I recommend this product to you.
2. If you are a medical professional (like myself) or are anyone besides the kind of person listed above, stay away.

P.S. The color I received is "Over The Moon."

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