Thursday, October 27, 2011

Trauma Thursdays: Halloween 2012 (who cares if it's November?)

OMG I just came up with an awesome costume!!!!! Ah! While I was researching Hermes costumes I came upon the idea of being an EMS Faerie! I would have to make it myself but I'm not opposed to that. I would create wings that were shaped and colored like the star of life (from the back). I would wear a simple floaty white mini-dress and blue nitrile gloves. In one hand, I will carry a wand with a fake snake wrapped around it (Asclepius) and in the other hand I will carry a mini jump bag. There will be a nasal cannula tube or 2 wrapped around my waist a few times, as a belt. Very Grecian right? For the people who don't "get it", I will wear a stethoscope draped around my neck. Also, I will be able to warm things up with navy blue or black opaque tights (which I already have) with black boots, in attempt to represent the bottom half of EMS uniforms everywhere. Possibly, I'll wear a belt with trauma shears and a pen light and et cetera on it...but that may be too whacker so I'm not sure about that yet. Picture taken from wikipedia.

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