Friday, April 1, 2011

Fashion Fridays: Apparel Design/Textile Science classes

Pre reqs for possible fashion classes

Quality Analysis: none

Apparel in Today's Economy: econ 110 (done) and fash 120 (done)

Computer Integrated Fashion Merchandising: fash 123 (quality analysis, obviously not done)

(X)Interior Design: 3 hrs art (done)

(X)Flat Pattern: fash 121 (done)

(X)Fashion Journalism: junior standing (done), passing grade on CWE (done), fash 120 (done), comp 100 (done in pburgh, if that counts)

(X)Advanced Computer Fashion Design (fash 326): WHO KNOWs?! it doesn't exist according to the course catalog!

That gives me 4 upper level classes to take. 4. I'm missing one, plus I don't even have the option to choose.

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