Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Second Favorite Day of the Year and How I spent it

Most people I talk to know my favorite day of the year is Halloween but in at a close second, is the first day of Spring. Granted, most suicides happen in Spring (not winter like one may think) and the weather is not always the best (I'm talking to you, upstate New York!) but I just love it for what it is--the environment coming alive after the dead pallor of winter. This season, due to strange weather, hasn't been so different than our winter. The temperatures have been in the 70s and 80s, making it perfect weather to take advantage of the off-season lack of beach-entry fees. Living on an island means there are more than a few choice beaches/marinas; I chose Captree State Park. 

Jess swingin' it like the 1970s
Photo through my ghetto sepia filter, ahem, sunglasses
It would have been perfect had there been a seagull on the third light. What do they want, a paycheck? 
Jess and me, being awesome as per usual. On another note, who needs Bumble and Bumble Beach Hair Sprays when we can get this for free?

I do feel incredibly lucky to live in a place surrounded by water, even if Long Island is the next Atlantis.

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