Friday, March 16, 2012

Fashion Fridays: Spring 2012

Tuesday, March 20th is the first day of spring (my second favorite day of the year!) and if you haven't figured out what will be in stores, here it is.

I like organizing fashion by decade so...

1920s (silhouette, accessories)
Ralph Lauren
1922 Ladies Home Journal
Miss Selfridge dress, now out of stock
1950s (silhouette, colors)
Lela Rose


Vivien of Holloway dress ~$120

Dolce and Gabbana had the most accurate and easy silhouettes, but most of the pieces were covered in vegetable prints. Dior had the most grown-up version of the 1950s, more siren less Sandra Dee. This is a decade where two of the major trends (nipped waist, saccharine-sweet pastels) hit. Whether or not pastels are your thing, curvy women take note: this is your season. Rock it.
1970s (shoes)

Both flatforms and espadrille wedges, especially with bright stripes, are supposed to be "in" for spring. Honestly, I don't think wedges ever really leave the scene, just because they are so comfortable despite the height they give.

1970s espadrilles

Kate Spade "Lindsay" espadrille

Most people will be able to find something flattering this season. Remember though, stick with the best decade for your body type. Don't try to work something just because it is trendy. The 1950s silhouette will translate best to the mass market because it is easy and cheap to recreate. The 1920s silhouette will be more difficult to recreate because sometimes, the only difference between a sack dress and a 1920s dress is the materials and embellishments. Meanwhile, the espadrille wedge is good for everyone (minus those with orthopedic needs) because they come in so much variety, that the design is really user controlled. For instance, I keep away from the 1970s and so I bought low peep toe espadrilles in cherry red, which is more of a 1950s look.

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Shirley J. Smith said...

The Kate Spade "Lindsay" espadrille is appealing. I love to wear this type of wedge. Perfect for my denim knee length skirt and fluffy tops.